“Keep Your Feline Friends Safe: Why Allowing Cats to Roam Outside Can be Risky Business”

After almost facing a disastrous situation when he wandered onto a road, a stray cat has been through a complicated and perilous surgery and is now on his way to recovery after nearly a month. The organization that rescued and looked after him has reported positive updates about the cat named Presley.


A feline was found unconscious in the middle of the road by a police patrol in Binghamton, New York on January 10th. The cat was immediately taken to SPEAK, a local animal hospital and shelter. The 15-month-old grey tabby male was in critical condition due to trauma likely caused by a vehicle. X-rays revealed no fractures, but a ruptured diaphragm and displaced organs in his rib cage. The cat, named Presley by his rescuers, underwent complex surgery lasting an hour and a half to correct his diaphragmatic hernia and put his organs back in place. Thanks to the police and veterinarians, Presley has survived and is now ready to find a loving family. This heartwarming story was reported by WBNG.

The recovery of Presley went smoothly and was captured in a recent video posted on SPEAK association’s Facebook page. The video shows Presley calmly strolling around his surroundings, with the caption “Stronger every day” indicating his gradual improvement. According to the post, Presley will soon be up for adoption and has a bright future ahead of him, a pleasant turnaround from the near-disaster he experienced a few weeks ago. Whitney Reynolds predicts a positive outcome for the resilient feline.

In another account, SPEAK provided an explanation for why they chose the name Presley for their new teammate. According to them, it was because he was admitted on January 10, 1956 – a day that also marked the release of an Elvis Presley song.

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