Lucky 13-year-old miniature feline rescued from euthanasia and adopted into a “retirement” sanctuary.

Meet TimTams, a 13-year-old feline who is about the same size as a four-month-old kitten and weighs only 1.8 kg. She was previously housed in a Virginia shelter where she stayed for much longer than expected. Despite her unusual small stature and timid personality, no one wanted to adopt her.

TimTams was on the brink of being put down when Karin Poplin, the founder of a Texas shelter for elderly cats, discovered the situation. The poor fate of this small and seemingly helpless cat saddened her deeply, but she took action nonetheless. Karin made a special trip from out of state to rescue TimTams and bring her to the shelter where she could live out the rest of her days in peace and comfort. Thanks to Karin’s kindness and compassion, TimTams was given the chance to enjoy a well-deserved retirement in a safe and loving environment.

TimTams found a new home at the Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary, which is managed by Karin and her spouse Gerald. This shelter provides a peaceful abode for senior cats to live out their remaining years. Furthermore, cats with disabilities or illnesses that need special care are also given refuge here.

TimTams, a cat known for her reserved and introverted nature, has finally found a loving and dedicated owner who has helped her come out of her shell. Over time, she has become more expressive and affectionate towards her owner.

Typically, these furry creatures prefer to rest peacefully on their comfy sofa and move around as quietly as possible. However, as soon as they catch a glimpse of their new owners, they become overjoyed and crave attention. They particularly enjoy nuzzling their head into a person’s hand and receiving some gentle strokes.

If you’re considering adopting a cat, don’t hesitate to choose an older one from a shelter. Despite their age, they’ll shower you with love and form a strong bond with you.

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