“Abandoned by his hind legs, the little one struggles to keep pace with his mother and pleads for assistance with a heart-wrenching plea”

While transporting a litter of three kittens on a rural property in Canada, a feral cat abandoned the smallest kitten of the litter. The tiny kitten cried out for help with a voice that belied its size, emitting more of a roar than a cry. Fortunately, the property owners heard the distress call and came to the rescue, only to find that the kitten had twisted front legs. In light of this, they reached out to the Steibach and Area Animal Rescue (SAAR) in Manitoba, Canada for assistance. According to Raelle, SAAR Medical Director, the kitten was about five weeks old at the time but appeared smaller and was too precious and tiny.

Without any hesitation, Raelle took the abandoned kitten under her care and began providing it with round-the-clock attention. She was well aware of the love and care that the kitten would require after being left behind. To ensure that the kitten was as comfortable as possible, she even made a pouch to carry it around and lined it with fleece. “I carried him around as much as possible to keep him warm and help him feel safe,” Raelle explained. Her son then named the kitten Professor X, after a character from the X-Men movie series.

According to Raelle, this little guy has a unique paw situation – one of his paw pads is partially missing and he has an extra toe on the outer side of his elbows. Additionally, his front toes are a bit unusual, but don’t affect his health in any way.

Our veterinarian agreed with our team that this special little guy deserves a chance at a full and happy life. Currently, he is being spoiled with love in his foster home. Roar may face some setbacks in reaching adulthood due to developmental delays and possible congenital issues.

Fortunately, rescuers came back to the property and were able to rescue Roar’s mother, brother, and sister, named Rogue and Gambit. The mother cat was spayed and given necessary shots. The kittens were overjoyed to be reunited with their family, but they were a bit scared and hissing at first since they were not used to being indoors or handled frequently, as explained by Raelle.

“After a little while, they all became comfortable with each other and are now great friends. Professor X was unaware that he was any different from his siblings. Although he may tire more quickly, he is fully recharged and ready to play after a short nap. While he is able to run, play, and jump like his siblings, he has not quite figured out how to navigate stairs yet and is unable to climb up window screens or curtains. One of X’s closest companions is a foster cat named Bentley, who quickly took the new arrival under his wing. Bentley can be a tough cookie, but he also has a sweet and gentle side.”

The kitten, Bentley, was very affectionate towards Professor X, hugging and grooming him like a mother cat. Before Bentley went to his forever home, Professor X got one last cuddle with him. Plans were made for Bentley to receive therapy to try and straighten out his legs, but even if it’s not successful, he will be just fine as a pampered indoor cat. According to Raelle, Bentley is a lovely and gentle boy who loves to cuddle and will cry out if he needs a hug or wants to be lifted onto the couch. She finds him adorable and is grateful that he was rescued.

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