“Blooming Elegance: Angelina Jolie Takes Center Stage in Guerlain’s Seductive New Fragrance Campaign”

In a fragrance revelation that promises to be as captivating as the bloom of a rose, Hollywood luminary Angelina Jolie has stepped into the spotlight as the face of Guerlain’s upcoming sensual perfume campaign. The ethereal combination of Jolie’s timeless beauty and Guerlain’s commitment to luxury fragrance sets the stage for a campaign that seeks to encapsulate the allure and sophistication of a blooming rose.

Breathe in: Angelina Jolie stepped back in front of the lens to help launch a new perfume from Guerlain which is inspired by her

The narrative unfolds as Angelina Jolie, celebrated for her poise and elegance, takes on the role of the muse for Guerlain’s new fragrance. Against a backdrop of lush gardens and the delicate petals of roses in full bloom, Jolie’s magnetic presence serves as a visual testament to the essence of the perfume—seduction, sophistication, and the timeless beauty of a woman in her prime.

Extravagant: The fragrance company released what looked more like a romantic movie trailer than an advertisement on Monday to promote new scent Mon Guerlain

Guerlain, a brand renowned for its heritage in creating exquisite fragrances, has carefully curated this olfactory masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the intricate layers of a blooming rose. The fragrance, poised to be unveiled in the upcoming campaign, aims to capture the essence of a rose in its most evocative state—a delicate yet potent symbol of passion and femininity.

Saucy scent: In the minute long video called 'Notes Of A Woman' posted on Twitter, Angelina plays the sensual protagonist who inspires a fragrance maker to create her signature scent

The teaser visuals released by Guerlain offer a glimpse into the artistic direction of the campaign. Jolie, bathed in soft, golden light, gazes into the camera with a knowing allure, embodying the spirit of a modern-day goddess. The scenes alternate between close-ups of Jolie’s enigmatic eyes and the slow unfurling of rose petals, creating a visual symphony that anticipates the unveiling of a fragrance that transcends time and trends.

Come on in: In the video, the director dramatically makes her way around a French country home in a flowing white robe as the wind blows the curtains around her

The campaign seeks to redefine the narrative surrounding sensuality, aligning it with the natural elegance and strength embodied by Jolie. The actress’s involvement in the project goes beyond being the face of the fragrance; she becomes the embodiment of the emotions and complexities that the perfume aims to evoke—fierce yet delicate, confident yet alluring.

Intimate portrayal: The advert makes the viewer feel like they are the star's lover following her as she moves around the house

As anticipation builds, fans and fragrance enthusiasts eagerly await the launch of Guerlain’s new creation. The campaign, set to be an immersive sensory experience, promises to transport viewers into a world where the scent of roses mingles with the magnetic presence of Angelina Jolie, creating a fragrance story that is both timeless and contemporary.

Stunning smile: The 41-year-old wears very natural makeup for the campaign video

In a world where fragrance campaigns often blur into the background of commercialism, Guerlain’s collaboration with Angelina Jolie stands out as a marriage of artistic expression and olfactory sophistication. The campaign, much like the fragrance it represents, is poised to be an ode to the timeless allure of a blooming rose and the enduring elegance of one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars. As the fragrance unfolds, it invites the world to embark on a journey where passion and beauty intertwine in the delicate petals of an olfactory masterpiece.

Having a moment: Sitting and taking in the beauty of the landscape from an open window, the star sensuously runs her fingertips up her legs

Capturing her essence: With each movement, an impossibly hunky flagrance master adds another scent - a flick of her hair requires a drop of sandal wood from Northern Australia, a turn down the hallway equals a splash of Sambac Jasmine harvested from Southern IndiaJust a drop: While a walk in the garden is akin to a dose of Carla Lavender cultivated in The Drôme provençale, South of France and, a smile is recreated with a hint of Tahitian vanilla - from the wilds of Papua New Guinea

Iconic: Posting the video to social media, Guerlain heaped praise on their new muse

Inked up: The trailer is quite saucy with the star dropping her robe at one point, before she pulls her hair back and runs her hands across her tattooed body

Perfectly plumped: At one point the star fixes her locks in a mirror and,Angelina shows off her famous pout

The great outdoors: Changing looks, the star the slips on a white off-the-shoulder dress and heads outside

Deep thoughts: Angelina is then shown being reflective in a dark hallway wearing a black lace slip dress

Muse mosaic: As the music intensifies, there are flashes of the star running through different parts of the estate

Casually chic:Feeling at ease, the actress reads over lines as the camera attempts to capture her process

Found it: The teaser finally ends with the very good looking fragrance maker completing his own process to find the scent of a woman

More than a splash: Now bottled, Angelina more than liberally applies the scent as she prepares to leave the house

Let's do this: Dressed in a lace gown with her hair swept up into an updo, the perfectly smelling star is ready to face the world

Smells sweet: The Oscar winning actress - who is the face and muse of the luxury brand's fragrance - first started working on the beauty project in December 2015

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